Staying in Shape During and After Pregnancy with Core Progression

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Staying healthy and in shape during and after pregnancy is important for both you and your baby. Core Progression Personal Training is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our experienced staff of certified trainers can offer a personalized program specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women.

We offer prenatal pregnancy exercise classes in Austin, TX, physical therapy services in Arvada, CO, and pageant training in Boulder, CO. Our prenatal exercise classes will educate you on how to safely exercise during pregnancy. Our physical therapy services will help you heal from any aches and pains you may have and help you recover after delivery. We also offer pageant training to help you look and feel your best on stage.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, Core Progression Personal Training is here to help. Our expert staff is committed to helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle during and after pregnancy. We will provide the guidance, support, and motivation you need to stay in shape and look great.

For more information on our prenatal pregnancy exercise classes, physical therapy services, or pageant training, visit the Core Progression website here.